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The REC: Grange


The Keizer Grange is now The REC Grange! Learn the history behind the building and what we’re becoming as we move forward.


With each day and each interaction, we work to contest the effects of fatherlessness in our community.

What We’re About

Building Community

An open-to-the-public Cafe for food, drinks, and coffee to serve the local community and provide a safe environment for youth.

Delicious Food

Our first floor coffee shop serves up delicious breakfasts and lunches that anyone can enjoy! Featuring the exciting nitro cold brew and espresso on tap!


Our open upstairs area is perfect for recreational classes and all sorts of community events.

bowling pins falling

Partnering with Valor Mentoring

Valor Mentoring has partnered with many civic organizations to help build our local community. If you have ideas of how we can partner with you, please reach out to us!