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You don’t want to miss this tournament for middle schoolers and high schoolers to compete for a big prize! Only $5 to enter and a pancake breakfast is included! Come hang out with other students who love video games and have fun competing against each other! This is the first of many eSports events to come.

Why eSports?


We want to meet students where they are – and for may young people, it means playing video games.

As video gaming has gained popularity over the years, so has its impact on students’ lives. They play them alone, with others, they watch others play them – they can even go to college for it! This is why we’ve decided to move into eSports as one of our new programs we’re starting up! Mentorship can happen anywhere, and that included in the midst of competitive video gaming. 


Video games are a very popular pass time for adults, and we want to create a space for them to have community and interaction around similar interests as each other. So, as an extension of our eSports program, we are launching Grown-Up Gaming where it is a similar experience as our youth events, but with less youth-focused programing.


Join us to see how video games can be a beautiful door into creating a healthier community for our youth and helping them engage in friendly competition.