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Valor Mentoring fundraiser


The Grange

· 200 yards from McNary High School
· Resources for youth experiencing homelessness
· Youth programing – serving 200+ students per week

Raised: $33,000

of $100k Goal for Renovations/Updates

About the campaign

An iconic Keizer, Oregon building that is waiting to be turned into a fantastic, safe, fun place for youth and faculty to collaborate, have good food and coffee, and come together around great activities!

The Grange Hall is an iconic building in Keizer, OR. It was the school building in Keizer for a long time – it used to be on River Road. However, “to facilitate further expansion of the Keizer School, the Grange Hall was moved from its location on River Road to Chemawa Road and the Keizer School became the largest grade school in Marion County.” (A Brief History of Keizer, https://www.keizer.org/keizer-history)

Valor Mentoring has successfully revitalized the iconic Town & Country Lanes building in Keizer and turned it into a thriving bowling alley that helps serve our community through discounted bowling, space rentals for businesses and non-profits, and many community events hosted in its space. They have set out to do it again, but this time a bit differently.

The Grange Hall, as it stands now, is only 200 yards from the front doors of McNary High School. This makes it closer to the school than any other community building, coffee shop, corner store, etc. This makes it the perfect place to build up a community space for youth as well as a coffee shop/cafe that youth and faculty can grab drinks or food at.


Renderings of what the inside could look like:

Here are some update images of how the renovation has been going:

Ready to give?

You donation will go towards the renovation costs of updating The Grange Hall and getting supplies for the programing and activities we plan to host there.